William Kentridge Along the Tiber River in Rome

WILLIAM KENTRIDGE: Triumphs & Laments
Rome, Italy
April 21, 2016

William Kentridge plans epic frieze for River Tiber

William Kentridge has plans to create a 550 meter long frieze along the banks of the Tiber river in Rome. Taking nearly 14 years to organize and approve, the project titled Triumphs & Laments will incorporate 90 large-scale Roman mythological and historical figures. The frieze will be created using a series of stencils and a process of power washing that will remove accumulated pollution from the surrounding wall, leaving behind a sequence of silhouetted figures. Gradually, as the dirt recollects, the frieze will dissolve and disappear.

The inauguration for Triumphs & Laments will be April 21, 2016, at which Kentridge's collaborator, composer Philip Miller, will deliver a live performance.


Read the original article from The Art Newspaper.

Above: William Kentridge, Triumphs and Laments proposal. Rendering by Andrea Biagioni, Pippo Marino, 2014
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