Rico Gatson: Visible Time Exhibition at USF Contemporary Art Museum

'For more than two decades, Brooklyn-based artist Rico Gatson has been celebrated for his vibrant, colorful, and layered artworks. Inspired by significant moments in African American history, identity politics and spirituality, his oeuvre includes images of protests and longstanding injustices—touching on subjects like the murder of Emmett Till, the Watts Riots, and the formation of the Black Panthers—as well as dynamic abstract geometries that celebrate Pan-Africanist aesthetics and Black cultural and political figures.

Gatson has transformed the walls of the USF Contemporary Art Museum with a kaleidoscopic, life-size image of Zora Neale Hurston—author, anthropologist, filmmaker, and former Florida resident—along with a large-scale abstract composition. USF students were invited to paint alongside the artist to help complete the installation inspired by the author of Their Eyes Were Watching GodVisible Time also includes important paintings and works on paper by Gatson, and features a mini-survey of the artist’s video works from 2001 to the present.'

For more information about the exhibition click here.

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