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Carlos Rolón/Dzine




Silkscreen ink and crystalline on glass overlaid on mirror panel

Edition of 36

24 x 24 inches

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Known for his elaborately crafted paintings and ornate sculptures, Rolón worked with master printer Luther Davis of the renowned Axelle Editions print shop to create a hybrid silkscreen consisting of ink and crystalline. Printed on glass and mounted on mirror, this edition was created using a complex and delicate process in order to achieve the illusion of three-dimensionality in an array of shapes and colors. An edition of 36, this glass and mirror-paneled work is unlike any other edition created for the List Art program in its 53-year history. Inspired by Josie Robertson Plaza, the gateway to Lincoln Center, Rolón conceived an abstract version of the iconic landmark. He was drawn to the architecture of the space and its relationship to history, color, and design. In his view, the center point, the Revson Fountain, serves as the nexus of Lincoln Center, connecting the various performing art genres and seamlessly drawing together every aspect of the creative hub.

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