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Mike Cloud

Large Abstract

Large Abstract


Screen Print

Edition of 108

45 x 32 inches

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Cloud grew up in Chicago where he attended the University of Illinois at Chicago for his BFA. He received his MFA from Yale University. Most recently, Cloud was awarded the 2023 - 24 Jules Guerin Rome Prize. His works reside in many public collections, including: Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY, The Bronx Museum, Eileen Harris-Norton and Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum.

Evident in his edition, Large Abstract, the grid is a recurring element through which Cloud implements an orderly abstraction. Connected to his methodology of formulas and systems, the grid has been the basis of two series of paintings.

"I employ a wide range of marks, symbols, motifs, palettes and forms in an expressive, wet-on-wet technique that blurs and blends elements together into compositions. This explosion of marks and gestures infuses my painterly surfaces with a playful, spirited abstractness. Painterly gestures and symbols combine with sculptural layers of wood, cloth, paper and other recognizable materials to emphasize the art object’s literal and material origin. The painting’s construction preserves its commoditized dimension and upends conventional, illusory space, producing a politic that pushes away from the surface and intrudes into our world. I work with store-bought materials that I assemble into fractured shapes and unconventional pictorial spaces. I use painting’s sacred position on the wall to suggest an uncanny relationship to the form of the mirror, the window, the door and the shrine." - Mike Cloud

Note: A framed example from the edition is for reference purposes only. Each impression comes unframed.

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