Donald Baechler

Lincoln Center Globe, 2011

Serigraph Print

Edition of 72

47 x 36 inches

$ 7,500.00

This work is final sale and not eligible for return.

Donald Baechler (1956 - 2022) was a New York second-generation Pop artist and master of collage. His signature style applied a thick, black outline around his images. This edition was printed in approximately 40 colors on Lanaquarelle paper with a deckled edge. Each print is signed, numbered and dated, 2011. 

His seemingly brutish paintings have a witty naiveté. Baechler is a master of duality, clashing adolescent innocence with arch sophistication. As stealthy a thief as Picasso, Baechler’s brand of appropriation favors the obscure, the commonplace. Baechler’s trademark surfaces are thick and intensely worked; a forest of signs hidden beneath layers of paint.

- Joe La Placa, Artnet, London