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Maureen Clay

Untitled (MC260)

Untitled (MC260)


Archival Pigment Print on Hahnemeule German Etching paper

Edition of 36

16.25 x 12 inches

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To commemorate Big Umbrella Festival 2024, Lincoln Center has collaborated with Creative Growth Art Center to publish a limited edition by the artist, Maureen Clay. The renowned non-profit organization is celebrating its 50th anniversary of fostering artistic expression, inclusivity and community. Since it's founding, it has been at the forefront of empowering artists with disabilities, providing a nurturing and joy-filled space for creativity to flourish.

Big Umbrella Festival welcomes kids, teens, and young adults for a weekend of programming, designed with and for neurodiverse audiences. Launched in 2018, the Big Umbrella Festival centers audiences by sharing unique approaches to multi-sensory, interactive, and engaging artistic experiences.

The artist, Maureen Clay has practiced at Creative Growth since 1991. She paints with thickly brushed impasto, layering colors repeatedly until the entire composition has been covered several times. She has an intricate sense of color and design, and while her work appears abstract, Clay describes her images as distorted versions of fish, birds, and food. Her work holds multitudes, appearing as a deep seascape, starry night sky, or a view through a microscope. Also, a proficient textile artist, Clay, similarly to her painting practice, covers the surface of her clothing with pompoms, sequins, or dense layers of thread.

Each impression is numbered in pencil en verso and comes with an accompanying Certificate of Authenticity from Lincoln Center with the printer's blind stamp.

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