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Joseph Zucker

Untitled (Community Holiday Festival)

Untitled (Community Holiday Festival)


Screen Print

Edition of 144

25 x 31 inches

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Joe Zucker (b. 1941, Chicago, IL) created this image to commemorate the 9th Annual Community Holiday Festival at Lincoln Center in 1979.

"High-key, even gaudy, color has been a consistent characteristic of Joe Zucker's work. The bright color, together with the prosaic subject matter, evokes an amusement park sensibility - a world of cotton candy, colored popcorn. Without denying the joyous, humorous, or even the kitsch quality of his work, Zucker asserts that formal considerations are equally significant. He constructs his pictures in a highly disciplined and complex manner which requires simultaneous manipulation of color, material, form and image. It is his sophisticated knowledge of abstract picturemaking utilized in the creation of his work which gives enduring, as well as immediate, pleasure to the viewer."

- Constance Lewallen, Curator, Berkeley Art Museum

Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, PA
Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, TX
Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY
Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN

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